Sun ONC RPC and the Distinct RPC Toolkits for Client Server programming

Porting a Unix RPC application to Windows

The Distinct RPC Toolkits allow you to program new sophisticated client server Windows applications or to port the front end of your existing ONC RPC client server solutions to your Windows workstations while preserving your investments in Unix and other platforms.

Based on industry standards

The Distinct ONC RPC / XDR Toolkits are based on the industry standards specifications for ONC RPC / XDR (Remote Procedure Calls / External Data Representation) defined by Sun Microsystems and widely available on many platforms.

Sun ONC RPC in a nutshell

Sun ONC RPC provides an advanced client/server programming environment that is easy to use, allowing you to build applications that execute procedures on other network computers without having to deal with the fact that the procedures are not executed locally. ONC RPC provides a mechanism whereby one process (the "client" process) can have another process (the "server" process) execute a procedure call as if it was a subroutine on the local system.

Save on your development costs

The Distinct ONC RPC / XDR Toolkits for Java, C and C++, .NET are the complete solution for faster-to-market client/server applications. These toolkits encompass years of RPC development and knowledge and are extremely well market tested. Of course, you can build your own libraries, but for the professional developer time is money, and building robust RPC libraries from scratch is a lot of money! Your application must be written, debugged and tested. That is a lot of time. So why reinvent the wheel when you can license the Distinct RPC libraries for a fraction of the cost it would take you to implement them yourself? Distinct RPC is well market tested and available now. You can concentrate on your part of the project and deliver on schedule, confident that the RPC engine you are using will withstand the test.

Live support when needed

When it comes to ONC RPC, Distinct is the only company that provides live phone support when needed. Our presales engineers will help you assess which product will best meet your specific needs and our post sales engineers will speak with you when needed. With Distinct, you get your support right at the source. You do not have to post your questions to anonymous newsgroups, hoping to get your answer. Just post your questions to our support team and they will help you get the best value out of your investment.
Licensees of Noblenet seeking support for their RPC products may upgrade their RPC licenses to Distinct and get technical support from Distinct.

Several implementations, for C and C++, for C# .NET, and for Java developers too

Distinct offers ONC RPC for the following platforms: 

These toolkits include support for the XDR (External Data Representation) standard used for portable data transmission. An RPCGEN utility, a portmapper daemon and samples are also included.

Flexible licensing

We make it easy for you to license our software. Why pay a large distribution fee when you just need to install on a few computers? Distinct offers a very cost effective per seat Run time license where you pay only for the licenses you deploy. Distinct also offers cost effective flat fee licensing for large deployments where keeping count of copies deployed is not always practical.

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Who uses RPC:

EMC Corp.
Spring Tide Networks
AT&T Wireless
Analog Devices
E*Trade UK
Scientific Atlanta
Ernst & Young
General Instruments
Jet Propulsion Labs
DST Innovis
and many others
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